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Volunteer with us!

As a non-profit, we rely on the help of our community, their skills, and their expertise.

Your help can make a big difference in so many ways! Whether you'd like to get to know our incredible vendors by helping at a market, or caring for one of our Little Plant Libraries-- there's always something we could use help with. 

Proudly AAPI, BIPOC, and Queer Led.
We welcome all.



Get free merch as you volunteer with us!

On your second market, get a free t-shirt.

After 4 markets, get a free dad cap and tote.

After 10 markets, get a free long-sleeve.

And finally, after 20 markets, get a free premium fleece.

Email us to join!


The Community Lover
Plant people, this one’s for you.

Our community booth, called Heart of HOU, offers rehoming services for both plants and plant supplies.

When someone has a pot or hangers that they no longer need or want, they can drop it off at the booth. Other visitors are welcome to take anything and as much as they need.

Our Take a Plant, Leave a Plant station accepts plants and cuttings from the community. If someone drops off a cutting or plant, they’re welcome to take one home. Rehabs or plants that no longer spark joy get a chance to thrive in a new home.

The Expert

Instructors, knowledge-bearers, and pros.

Want to donate your skills and expertise? Whether you’re looking to help educate vendors or visitors, your service is deeply valued.

Grow your brand while teaching our visitors about different trades and skills like floral arrangement, plant repotting, yoga, and more. 

Want to go beyond the market? Our vendors could benefit greatly from workshops about tax compliance, accounting, brand management, marketing, ad campaigns, and more.

The Director

Love organization? So do we!

Help us get vendors into their assigned spaces, make sure that our volunteer team is where they need to be, and that everything is set up on time and running smoothly.

Heart of Hou

The next iteration of what we call The Community Booth at our markets, which has now grown to service the community beyond our markets alone. 

Keep an eye out for Little Plant Libraries rolling out around Hou, with our first installation being at Eureka Heights Brew Co.


Soon to be the biggest plant community gathering on the planet,  bringing together plant orgs and societies across the world to one place.

We serve as a bridge for the community and create one central hub where otherwise 

impossible connections and opportunities can be nurtured and formed.

The Little Plant Library

Our free plant libraries installed around Houston will serve as a hub for education and free plant exchanging to take place. ​If you take a plant, just leave a plant for the next person!

Drop off clean plant supplies you no longer need, and feel free to take whatever you do!

More coming soon...

Our website is a work in progress as we centralize all of our brands, concepts, visions, and endeavors into one place and approach every single one w/ ♡.

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