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the Little plant library

Take a plant, leave a plant

(or cutting!) at one of our libraries around Houston.

Our free plant libraries installed around Houston serve as a hub for education and free plant exchanging to take place. ​If you take a plant, just leave a plant for the next person!

Drop off clean plant supplies you no longer need, and feel free to take whatever you do!

Proudly AAPI, BIPOC, and Queer Led.
We welcome all.


Library Locations

Eureka Heights Brew Co.

941 W 18th St
Houston, TX 77008

Who would have thought that our friends at Eureka were plant people, too?!


After hosting our first plant markets at Eureka and seeing all of the cuttings they were growing around the brewery, they graciously welcomed us to install our very first Plant Library!


Coming soon...

We're looking to install more shelves soon! Keep an eye out for new libraries at local Houston businesses.

Want to volunteer?

Find out where we'll be and what we're doing this month and the next. Whether it's markets, workshops, classes, seminars, networking events, or block parties-- we'll meet you there!


More coming soon...

Our website is a work in progress as we centralize all of our brands, concepts, visions, and endeavors into one place and approach every single one w/ ♡.

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