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We’d love to have you join our vendor family!

So, why should you?

Vendors Come First. 

​Dynamic Vendor

Robust Booking System.

​Our Community

Our Visitors.​

As we always say— no vendors, no market.

We look to add value for all of our vendors and their brands. This is why we're committed to listening to all your feedback and thinking of new ideas to help YOU. And for recurring venues; anonymous physical surveys handed out at the end of the market help guarantee we hear your voice and opinions so that we can continue to improve with you in mind.

Flex pricing allows you to both choose your space AND the price you pay.

No more paying the same flat fee as the vendor at the front of the market, only to get assigned a space in the back. Our maps are priced fairly and based on the expected flow of traffic. 

You’ll wish every market made it this easy to pick your own space and price!

Our space reservation and ticketing software was specially coded and developed for a seamless selection and payment process.

View the price, select your space, and check out all at once!

A space, by and for, the plant community helps tap into a unique demographic.

Plant people can be hermits. The Houston Plant Market Community Area is provided to offer various amenities to members of the local plant community. It helps make sure we’re servicing and connecting with a unique demographic that other markets just can’t reach, and getting them to come out of markets.

Scavenger Hunts give visitors something to be excited about and encourage them to explore our markets and engage with our vendors!

We reward our visitors!

We offer our visitors more than just a fun and engaging market, we also reward them for coming out and supporting our local vendors. At every market, our visitors can receive a stamp on their card, once they've attended 10 markets and completed their card, they win Houston Plant Market merch! 

No visitors means no vendors, no market.


Ready to join us?

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