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Whatever you do,
do it w/ ♡.

With Heart Collective is a non-profit event and production team focused on creating opportunities and inclusive spaces for small, minority-owned businesses and their customers.

Proudly AAPI, BIPOC, and Queer Led.
We welcome all.


Events, and more.

Find out where we'll be and what we're doing this month and the next. Whether it's markets, workshops, classes, seminars, networking events, or block parties-- we'll meet you there!


Houston Plant Market

Our original concept featuring plant-themed artisan markets with growers and makers from the local community.

Our featured Plants and Pints series features a different local craft brewery each month.

Heartisan Market

The sister to Houston Plant Market for venues centered on local makers and crafters.


This market takes on several themes, like the holiday-themed HOU for the Holidays Market in partnership with Downtown Houston.

The Vendor Alliance

Born out of a desire to give back and nurture the same community that supported us through to where we are now.

This organization seeks to create a community and provide business-related educational resources to vendors.

Heart of Hou

The next iteration of what we call The Community Booth at our markets, which has now grown to service the community beyond our markets alone. 

Keep an eye out for Little Plant Libraries rolling out around Hou, with our first installation being at Eureka Heights Brew Co.


Soon to be the biggest plant community gathering on the planet,  bringing together plant orgs and societies across the world to one place.

We serve as a bridge for the community and create one central hub where otherwise 

impossible connections and opportunities can be nurtured and formed.

The Little Plant Library

Our free plant libraries installed around Houston will serve as a hub for education and free plant exchanging to take place. ​If you take a plant, just leave a plant for the next person!

Drop off clean plant supplies you no longer need, and feel free to take whatever you do!

More coming soon...

Our website is a work in progress as we centralize all of our brands, concepts, visions, and endeavors into one place and approach every single one w/ ♡.

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